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Let me share two reasons to smile on Monday!

businessman cartoons businessman cartoons On a serious note, let’s talk about “making better our method of talking”…

Last week, I took part in the Global Virtual Design Sprint. It’s a global initiative where over 100 innovation facilitators. UX designers and developers from around the globe (from USA, to Africa, to Europe, to Asia) developing solutions for current world challenges. 

The very first step of the Sprint is to align team by  clarifying expectations, setting shared goals and agreeing on rules and tools. With a right process and experienced facilitator, group of strangers from different parts of the globe can become well-functioning team. One of the processes we used to align the team was a Team Canvas (see the picture below).

Do you think your team will benefit from structured discussion focused on unique challenges of your team and led by experienced facilitator? If it will be of value for your team, let’s chat. Keep calm & stay awesome, Gregory K @ Griness

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