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Let me share two artful reasons to smile on Monday!

Funny businessman cartoons Funny businessman cartoons On a serious note…

Being limited to four walls, is actually a good push to look beyond boundaries of your country. 

My daughter discovered Google Earth and visited 10 world Zoos in 30 minutes. It made me create online team building experience that allow you to explore the world and bond with your teams from a comfort of your home. We call it Virtual Amazing Craze. 

Teams visit 360 degree virtual tours of various exotic locations, looking for clues and taking hilarious group pictures and videos along the way. Themes of the race could be related to exploring world cultures and tourist attractions or visiting iconic places from your favorite dramas. 

It can be customized to educate about your company’s history and locations.

Virtual Amazing Craze by Griness Let’s chat, if you think this experience can benefit your team. 

If you think that it is a not right time for online team building, take a look at my thoughts about it (click here to watch 1 min video).  

If you are still hestitant or don’t have budget, we will be happy to facilitate trial session of team building (e.g IMPROV Your Teams or Game Mania for 30mins) or facilitated online meeting discussion (Lighting Decision Jam – 90-120 mins). Offer is valid till June 1, 2020. Keep calm & stay awesome, Gregory K @ Griness


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