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Just want to share three reasons to smile and one invitation to learn.

businessman cartoons          businessman cartoons          businessman cartoons

On a serious note…

Last week I was discussing with some of our clients and colleagues strategies to make Zoom trainings and meetings more interactive. I thought it will be benefitial for many of you as well. I will be hosting informal Zoom webinar and share what I have learned so far about facilitating workshops and meetings with Zoom.

Hide self view in Zoom

For example, one simple trick that create better human connection during the meeting is to switch off self view (see the picture above). You can see others, but cannot see you face. We love ourselves, so most of our attention is directed to our own face. Once you cannot see yourself, your undivided attention is on others. Try it today.

I will share other strategies on Wed, Apr 22, 2020 07:00 PM Singapore at “Zoom For Trainers: my bag of tricks”. Register in advance for this free interactive meeting at:

Keep calm & stay awesome, Gregory K @ Griness

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