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Just want to share three reasons to Smile on Monday!

work from home work from home work from home

On a serious note…

Now, when your team is working remotely, is the important to keep your team aligned and united. And we are all to assist you with that.

We are ready to facilitate your online team discussion with a power couple ZOOM & MURAL. It is perfect for work plan discussions, design sprints, strategic planning, and other session to create team alignment and get things done together.

Same power couple is indispensable to bring your virtual team building to the next level. We can facilitate Sleuth! (crime scene investigation game), Space-X (communication challenge for remote teams), Business Imrove (learn to collaborate on the go), Legend Of Yamashita’s Gold (breaking silos), and workshop on Personality Profiling for remote teams.

Drop us email, so we can demo how we can facilitate your next virtual meeting or team event.

businessman cartoonsIf you like what you see, do look through our whole collection of businessman cartoons via our “Smile! It’s Monday” blog posts. Keep a close look out for our those that bear our Griness water mark because they are free, but we do appreciate if you could give give credit to us, thank you.

Also, Click here to download our new catalogue with online team building activities and training solutions.  

Keep calm & stay awesome, Gregory K @ Griness

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