When one is in a team, it’s the job of every team member to ‘call it’ with one another, regardless of roles, seniority and position. It’s how you keep the team tight and accountable.

And then it happened.

Our sales specialist arranged a meeting with a client after referring to my calendar, (that I had not updated).

He arranged the meeting and a pop up appeared on my mobile. ‘Meeting with Jessica. Monday 9 Nov 2015’.

Why didn’t he check my schedule?” I thought and tapped my calendar app. “Aargh, I did not update my calendar!”

So I message him about it and had a lesson in calling it.

He messaged back with the message, “Pls call her to reschedule.”

That was followed by a message that demonstrated true team spirit.

It said, “To be frank I’ve had a super bad day. We will have a meeting tomorrow to sort out things. As a sales person it’s really hard to plan anything if the calendar is not updated. We talk tomorrow.”

This is what I love about our team; we ‘call it’ and hold each other accountable with the awareness that anyone can falter.

It was a rule that we set a few months ago and a rule we all keep to.

And its not about being right or making another feel wrong or bad; it’s not about blaming. It’s about the integrity of the team so that we can all win as a team.

If it’s a mess you created, be accountable for it and clean it up.

Start the domino effect by keeping your small agreements.

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