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DIFabled C.S.R. Team Building

Experience the world from different point of view Chosen by: Previous Next Do good as a team. Contribute to the charity of your choice that impacts lives of people with disabilities (we prefer to use the term DIFabilities, different abilities) and take part in the activities that allow your to experience the world differently. Form […]


Sleuth Online Team Building Activity

Murder mystery game for large group Chosen by: Previous Next Teams are house guests at Tudor Grange, the scene of a gruesome murder! One team is the murderer, one team is the accomplice and the rest are amateur detectives, but everyone is a suspect.  Can you find the murderer? Some initial information is given, but evidence […]

Art Puzzle

Guided by the international artist Inessa K, this team building activity will bring out your inner artists. Discover lesser-known secrets of professional painters and create collaborative art piece inspired by your team’s shared values or event theme.