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CSI – Crime Scene Investigation

Murder, mystery, mayhem

Chosen by:

“A dead body of a wealthy lady has been found. There were obvious signs of a struggle. She was identified as Mia Mama.”

Teams are assuming roles of CSIs tasked to shed the light on this cold case. Organize your team, delegate roles, have an inquisitive mind, ask relevant questions, and have fun while discovering the truth about the case of Mia Mama.

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What Is CSI – Crime Scene Investigation?


Her blood-shot eyes staring upwards, but forever not seeing. The scene that greets the investigator as they enter the hotel room is one of tragedy. It looked as if a great disturbance had entered the room and left with everything in a mess.

The bed-side lamp lying on its side and on the floor, the curtain pulled from its rod. A glass flower vase lying on the floor and its contents scattered. The victim’s identity is immediately determined to be the daughter of a rich steel- manufacturing tycoon and the wife of businessman.

This 3-hour game tests the cohesiveness of your team. It requires your team to organise itself, delegate roles, have an inquisitive mind, ask relevant questions and be observant in solving a ‘murder’.

The activity is  ‘mind boggling’ as it, requires teams to be curious, and question witnesses and possible suspects, and look for clues. At the same time the activity is ‘hilarious’ as teams have to act out the possible murder scenario and reveal the real murderer.

This game encourages your team to solve challenges constructively and collaboratively, bonding in a fun, entertaining and engaging manner.

Key Information:

  • The activity is conducted both Indoors and Outdoors
  • 6 -150 Participants
  • Min duration : 2.5 Hours
  • Max duration : 3 Hours (half-day)

Who Is CSI – Crime Scene Investigation Popular With?

Over the course of delivering and conducting this activity, we’ve found that this unique team-building activity, CSI – Crime Scene Investigation is really popular with

  • Teams who tried it all and is looking for fresh team building experience
  • Teams who are creatives, and like a challenge
  • Teams who are required to solve challenges and a constantly changing environment in the workplace

Learning Outcomes:

If you’re looking for a day of fun, engagement, and problem solving for your team, then look no further, because CSI – Crime Scene Investigation might just be the team building event that you’re looking for.

Teams that have experienced this event have feedback that this activity is great for building :

  • Project Management
  • Team Culture
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Bonding through Shared Fun Experiences

Interesting Facts:

  • No single time “scenario of events” that teams came up with after investigation was the same. All 100 over “senarious” were different.
  • maximum number of runs of this activity for the same company: 8
  • This game smashes the myth that “my colleagues cannot act”
  • When watching own colleagues acting out “murder scene”, I saw participants laughing so hard, they had tears in their eyes.

Do you have what is takes to solve this case?

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