One of the first things my mentor taught me when I started to facilitate teams, was to be aware of the Energy – mine, the participants, the content and the room itself.

In organizations this ‘Energy’ can affect results – the environment, relationships, creativity, and productivity. This energy can be felt too. It’s described as the pulse of the organization and manifest itself as motivation or the speed at which the organization moves.

And this pulse or energy need to be deliberately monitored.

Your Energy

As leaders “Check your own emotional state. Have an intention in your mind of the experience you want to create. What do you want for your staff to feel and experience on the job. Remember it’s about them and not about you.” he used to say.

Their Energy

Every second, every day, and in every situation everyone experiences different emotional states. Some may have had quarrelled with a spouse, or a challenging morning with their two-year old, before work, and walk in with that energy. Others walk in all high spirited and chirpy. An unfortunate encounter between those two energies can trigger huge reactions sometimes. Having a bright, colourful and highly motivating environment often equalises these energies.

Your Product

In my business, training product is represented by the content and the takeaways, and if it impacts the participants in a positive manner. In corporations it’s about the how the role, job or work, impacts the individual. Staff need to ‘buy in’ to the product themselves. The bigger the buy in or belief, the higher the energy and motivation. It’s about the human need to do something worthwhile, that gives each one a sense of self-worth. That increases even personal energy.

The Environment

The ambient noise, colour, lighting, vibrancy of the place, cleanliness of the carpets, the smell in toilets, the furniture, the piped in music (if any) affects the feel and energy of the work space. Ensure that the office does not look old and stale.

As leaders and managers, this ‘energy’ is often overlooked. I’m not suggesting any New Age stuff here. If the energy of the learning space affects learning, the energy of the workplace would affect productivity. I believe that this energy influences feeling of ownership, (learning after all requires energy) the quality of the relationships, and ultimately, productivity and results.

So if you have many coffee drinkers in the office, and need to hit new targets this year, perhaps providing Nespresso stations at various locations dispensing cafe grade cuppa, may just be the solution.

Start the Domino Effect – into the mirror, smile, and give yourself an energized thumbs up, before you step into the office tomorrow morning.

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