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F1 : Formula To Win team building Singapore activity

F1: Formula To Win

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines

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Does your team feel the need for speed? Then the F1 Racing Challenge is right up your alley!

Just like real racing, you’ll be working against the clock. With limited time and resources, it’s going to take all your communication skills to build a track that’s just right for racing.

And we won’t lie – it’s not going to be easy. Just like in the real world, things aren’t always going to go to plan. Only with team work will you steer around the road blocks and get your team first past the checkered flag.

Key Information:

  • This Activity is conducted Indoors
  • 5 – 1000 Participants
  • Minimum Duration is 1.5 Hours
  • Maximum Duration is 3 Hours

Who Is F1: Formula To Win Popular With?

If you house a team that needs to hone their team engagement and cooperation skills at the workplace, then you’d probably find this team building event a perfect fit for you.

This particular event has proved to be immensely popular with teams that work in project driven work, and work that requires a high level of cooperation and collaboration.

In other words, creatives and service based companies will likely benefit highly from F1: Formula To Win!

Learning Outcomes

Using the F1: Formula To Win team building activity, your team could have a chance to develop the following skills and character :

  • Project Management
  • Teamwork Culture
  • Managing Change
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Bonding through shared fun experiences
  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Cross-functional Cooperation

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What Is F1: Formula To Win? (Team Building Activity)