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If you are a new staff, chances are you would go through a process called on-boarding. Here are 4 things you need to do during on-boarding process.

1. Study the organisational chart and know who’s above you and on your flanks. It helps to know who your immediate superiors and peers are. Go and introduce yourself to them and build rapport quickly. No you do not have to apple polish; just be sincere, enthusiastic, charming and with a right touch of friendly.

2. Get to know them fast. Study how they walk, talk, dress, work. And then study them some more. Understanding their thinking and communication styles will put you in good stead when you have to work with them and manage and meet their expectations.

3. Do not listen to hearsay and rumors. They will influence your opinion and how you approach your new team mates. Seek the truth for yourself. If you apply point number two, you should be able to be very flexible and agile when working with all these various personalities, yes even the rumor mongers.

4. Stand out slowly, and stand out positively. Be professional and productive and stay away from becoming uniform. Always have an intriguing story to share, wear a quirky tie or watch, have a sense of humor but stay appropriate, have an opinion yet be open and flexible, entertain ideas, stay knowledgeable, read; in short be professional, appropriate, interesting, funny and likeable and stop short of being an apple polisher.

The truth is since they hired you, they have already given you the benefit of the doubt that you know how to do the job. The three or six month probation is just to see how well you integrate with the team and how much more value you can bring. You only have to add these four ingredients into the cauldron and create magic on the job.

Start the domino effect by accepting the one truth.

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