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SpaceX team building Singapore activity


Communication challenge inspired by NASA case

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Based on a real-life NASA communication breakdown, this group challenge will test your team’s communication skills like never before.
Taking on the role of a successful multinational global organisation, your team’s been tasked with producing new generation spacecraft that will revolutionize the industry. But there’s a catch. Your design team is in the USA while your manufacturing team is in Singapore.
NASA tried this in real life and failed, costing US taxpayers millions of dollars.
Can You succeed where they had failed?
Only Timed, Focused and Direct Communications will tell.

Key Information:

  • The activity is conducted Indoors
  • 6 – 200 Participants
  • Minimum Duration is 1.5 Hours
  • Maximum Duration is 3 Hours

Who Is SpaceX Popular With?

The SpaceX (formerly From Plan To Plane) team building activity has proved itself to be a favorite amongst teams that are required to communicate closely together at the workplace, and requires a high level of collaboration to get the job done.

Learning Outcomes

By engaging Griness to conduct this team building event for your team, your team could have a chance to develop the following skills and character :
  • Effective Communication Productivity & Time Management
  • Performance Excellence
  • Understanding Each Other & Team Dynamics
  • Bonding through Shared Fun Experiences

Ready To Get Onto The Space Race?

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