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Looking for all the team building companies in Singapore? If yes, then you are probably already exhausted by the overwhelming research on Google. Not only are the pages countless, but not all the links are actually useful.

Let’s be honest here for a moment: with the busy schedule and endless tasks that await for you to accomplish, who really has time to look through each link and read all the content?

We value your time just as much as you do. So screw Google search, we’ve got the full list of Singapore team building companies in a SINGLE place for you!

1. Griness:

We created the whole list. We deserve the place at the top, don’t we?

Being in the field of team building for over 13 years, we successfully managed to create events for more than 800 organizations. Be it a small or a big activity, Griness will set your employees on fire and give them an experience to never forget. Even the Singaporean Minister Chan Chun Sing is impressed by our work!

We take pride in every activity we organize to make your team as strong as it should be. We believe that team bonding is key to taking your business higher and reaching new horizons.

2. Action Teams :

These are one of the leaders in action when it comes to team building. What sets Action Team apart from the rest of team building companies is the complete absence of team building packages. Every event or activity is fully customized following your needs, requirements, and goals.

Action Team strongly encourages teamwork values in each employee in your business, by displaying these values themselves during the organization of their events.

Working in complete harmony, your team members will surely learn so much just by watching them!

Thanks to their events, your employees will acquire the traits necessary to enhance their performance.

3. Adventour :

Adventour will get you covered for any type of fun team building activities you are looking for. Whether it is for social bonding or corporate team building, they organize activities for all types of events with different durations : from just a few hours too full day activities. It’s all up to you!

All you need to do is tell them about your idea of the event and your team. They will take charge of everything, meals and amenities included.

Break the tension in your work environment and take your team to an event that is nothing like their daily office routine!

4. All Spice :

Want to know a small fact? It’s not that surprising, but there might be a skillful chef in your employees and you don’t even know it! But even if you do, how would that benefit you? You must be wondering.

All Spice is the way to make most of your employees’ culinary talents. Those who are already familiar with cooking techniques and tools will find the ideal occasion to showcase their talent, and also offer help to their colleagues who aren’t as good.

This simple yet very effective activity will boost your team members’ confidence and definitely enhance their communication skills and ability to cooperate.

5. Big Heroes :

Being passionate about providing help to those in need, Big Heroes take pride in directing their profits towards helping the less privileged in order to make a positive social impact through their team building services.

Being part of many organizations such as raiSE Singapore, Share as One, and the Company of Good Network, Big Heroes transform parts of their revenues into additional incomes for the poor.

Thanks to their team members of different backgrounds, Big Heroes succeed to organize teambuilding programs that serve greater social causes.

So if you’re looking to make a positive impact on your community, Big Heroes are the ones to go for.

6. Boulder Movement :

We all want to get a healthy body and often show high levels of motivation that end up hitting the lowest bottom as days goes by. Why? Because after some time, working out starts to feel like a duty instead of an activity we should be enjoying.

Rest assured, all these thoughts will fade away with Boulder Movement. Forget about the traditional working out methods, as this one will make you climb up a wall instead of the boring running on a treadmill.

Get your whole body ready for some sweaty challenges with your colleagues that will require all the speed, flexibility and endurance you have!

7. Bukit Timah Saddle Club:

Bukit Timah Saddle Club offers a special program for corporations looking for teambuilding activities in Singapore.

If you are planning a day out for your employees, the Bukit Timah Saddle Club will be a perfect escape. The BTSC proposes a day in the company of horses. From grooming and cleaning to feeding the horses, your team members will completely forget about the stress of the loud city life as their time will be dedicated to getting closer to the horses and different animals in the club.

Bukit Timah Saddle Club is Singapore’s hidden treasure for your employees to relax and bond.

8. Catalyst Singapore :

Just like its name implies, Catalysts will increase the rate of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine in your employees without any doubts!

Catalyst is a team building company located in Singapore. They offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements related to the teambuilding event you have in mind, so they can lead you to the right program for your employees.

Catalyst team’s integrity and passion for helping people, as well as their detail-oriented approach to plan their events are what contribute to making them among the optimal choices for team building companies in Singapore.

Delivering over 130 programs to choose from, you will surely find the perfect fit that your team members will love!

9. Centre For Performance Transformation :

The Centre for Performance Transformation is a teambuilding Singapore company. The experts at this center focus on working on two aspects: The People Transformation and The Process Transformation.

The former aspect is about helping participants identify their skills in order to use them optimally during collaborations. This process can be applied in a fun environment through exciting team building challenges.

As for the latter, it follows the six sigma strategy to achieve transformation in every organization they collaborate with by creating the skills needed for a business to make more progress.

Founded in 2000, the Centre for Performance Transformation continues to deliver quality teambuilding services to its partners until today.

10. Clay Street :

Clay Street is a team building company in Singapore that offers pottery classes and many other activities where your employees can unleash their creativity, such as the air-clay on canvas and Stone Mosaic & Domino.

This is the place to be for your employees to sit around and enjoy a calm session of forming clay to the shapes they desire. Pottery classes are always one of the most effective solutions to get rid of stress and anxiety.

This simple activity requires high levels of concentration and focus, so your employees’ full attention will be directed towards the clay, instead of dwelling on their problems and worries at work.

11. Cohesion :

Let your employees live the excitement of challenging activities guaranteed to give them that adrenaline rush with Cohesion team building Singapore.

Having “The Experience Makers” as their slogan, Cohesion stays loyal to its promises by organizing indoor and outdoor activities that improve your team members’ overall performance, enhance teamwork, and boost their motivation.

As a result, collaborations between your team members will go smoother, and every project they will be working on will be completed swiftly.

This is as beneficial to them as it is to you, since it will allow them to reach higher levels in their careers.

12. Dopen Kitchen :

An adventure in the culinary world with masters in the field will be granted to you by Dopen Kitchen. One of the leading team building companies in Singapore offering cooking events, Dopen Kitchen proposes a multitude of packages you can choose from, like Standard Race, The Mystery Box, Master Class, Fear Factor, Top Chef, Epicurious, and much more!

Dopen Kitchen’s cooking events are known to be among the most successful team building activities in Singapore, with over 20,000 participants so far.

This teambuilding company’s offers are suitable for people from different backgrounds like the Halal cooking classes, so all your employees are guaranteed to get the most out of the experience without any feelings of discomfort.

13. Epic Workshops :

What makes Epic Workshops unique compared to the rest of the teambuilding companies in Singapore? Your employees will get to create their own masterpieces, and even better, take them home with them once the activity comes to end.

They will always have that piece they crafted during the Epic Workshop event to remind them of the good times spent in the company of their colleagues.

So let your team members unleash their creativity by making pieces together. Workshops are always a perfect stop to let go of all the stress feelings they were experiencing at the workplace!

14. FocusAdventure :

This team building company in Singapore is taking fun activities outdoor, for a new and refreshed experience for your team members!

Break the conventional office training programs that your employees would probably get bored at, and take them on an adventure they will never forget!

Whether it is paintball, sea sports or obstacles rope courses, your goals will surely be achieved thanks to this effective but mostly innovative program at Focus Adventure.

Need not to worry, all the safety equipment will be provided by the professional facilitators at Focus, following the international safety standard.

Let the fun training activities begin!

15. Food Playground :

Food Playground is more than just a fun team building Singapore company. It is one of the most famous! Their programs are shared on different media platforms in Singapore, describing them as a company that succeeds to fulfill greater purposes than just cooking.

Besides discovering Singapore’s marvelous food history, your team members will explore a set of skills they may have never known they had.

Based in the center of Chinatown in Singapore since 2012, Food Playground’s focal point is to implement the communication skills necessary for a productive collaboration.

16. Forest Adventure :

As its name suggests, Forest Adventure team building company must certainly figure in your list if you are looking for an outdoor activity for your employees.

Nothing beats a day at Singapore’s largest tree top adventure park! With different challenges to choose from, your team members are promised to have a memorable day at Forest Adventure, full of personal achievement and adrenaline pumping.

17. FunWorks :

Push your company to higher levels on the ladder of success by letting your team members emerge in the most fun activities created by FunWorks Singapore. Their name really stands for what they are offering!

FunWorks in one of the teambuilding companies in Singapore that managed to build a good reputation and maintain a positive image thanks to the quality of their services and ability to work closely with every customer.

FunWorks is all about increasing your employees’ engagement. Hence, their services include tailor-made team building activities organized especially to answer your corporation’s specific needs and unleash your employees’ potential to achieve greater things.

18. Gardens With Purpose :

In a beautiful initiative, Gardens With Purpose are dedicated to introducing people to the organic lifestyle, and the positive impact it can have on their bodies, as well as our environment.

Gardens With Purpose organize different activities that range between making soil, creating natural herbal spa products, organic full body detox, culinary herbs, herbal food for dogs, and learning how to grow vegetables.

After an event with Gardens With Purpose, you might get surprised by the transformation your office and workplace will go through. Since all your employees will fall in love with plants and organic life, they will surely get excited about having some near their desks.

19. Get Out! Events:

You can say goodbye to any problems related to communication between your team members with Get Out!

Yes, every group of colleagues has those members that never really get along with each other or even talk to one another. But you don’t want that in your team, do you?

Get Out Events will definitely help you get rid of that with their well-planned events. Be it an indoor or outdoor activity you are seeking through team building companies in Singapore, Get Out will execute it for you.

From different sites to different themes, your employees will absolutely bond in Get Out events.

20. Grace TeamBuilding :

Grace At Work is a teambuilding company in Singapore with outdoor activities as its main focus. Directed towards charity activities, their team building services are personalized to your own requirements.

Each member in the Grace At Work team is highly trained to deliver the best quality services. The starting point for creating an event with Grace At Work is discussing.

After understanding your vision and exploring the ideas you may have, they will then suggest the diverse methods and create a plan to apply them. So you can ‘Sit back and relax’ as they will take care of it all!

21. GPS Consultancy :

GPS Consultancy is one of the teambuilding companies in Singapore that mainly focus on integrating a positive mindset in each member of your team.

By introducing them to the Can-Do attitude and teaching them its basics, you can expect to notice an increasing in the levels of their performance and productivity after collaborating with GPS Consultancy.

This teambuilding Singapore company encourages effective communication by working on strengthening your team members’ communication skills, as well as their ability to express their opinions, discuss a multitude of topics in a calm environment, and learn how to take the right actions that will put them closer to their goals.

22. Happy Sparrow :

An experience unlike the others. That’s what Happy Sparrow promises its customers.

Happy Sparrow is a team building company based in Singapore. Their team is made of adventure experts who will take your employees on a thrilling trip.

Be it locally or even overseas, Happy Sparrow takes charge of every step to make the trip a successful event that will pull your employees closer.

Whatever idea you might have in mind, they will work on understanding every aspect of it in order to execute it flawlessly. However, in case you are still lost on the theme of your activity, no worries! They will be there to give you some inspiration!

23. Lost SG: Escape Room Singapore :

Introducing their website visitors to one of the most accurate facts: ‘People are likely to remember good memories’, Lost Sg team building company delivers the most thrilling escape room activities that will live in your employees’ memories for a long time.

But what’s a clever way to ensure everyone will be there to participate? Making it during working hours, Lost Sg suggests.

Considering their experience in team building, you can surely trust their recommendations for a successful corporate event for your team members.

Lost Sg promises fun and engagement in every event they organize, so your employees will certainly have a good laugh while working on their activity.

24. OIA Experiential Asia :

With over 15 years of experience and a highly trained team of 36 professionals, OIA Experiential Asia is a true gem for all your indoor and outdoor team building activities.

OIA Experiential Asia’s philosophy is founded on the belief that companies must adopt team building as a regular ritual rather than a once-in-a-year event if they are really looking for stronger bonds between their employees.

Thus, OIA Experiential Asia delivers all along the year team building Singapore services that you can book anytime you are ready and allow your team to reach higher performance and productivity levels thanks to the values they will learn!

25. Palate Sensations :

Another suggestion for the food and cooking enthusiasts: Palate Sensations teambuilding in Singapore. This cooking school is dedicated to offering a space for every cooking lover to express their passion and learn from experts in the field.

Palate Sensations cooking class welcomes families, friends, and corporate teams from different organization in their highly-equipped kitchens.

Whether it is baking cakes and macarons or cooking meals from diverse cultures, the time spent in their kitchens will be teaching your employees the importance of versatility, concentration, and clear instructions.

26. Perfume Workshop :

When it comes to perfumes, we all have different tastes, each one reflecting special traits in our personality. From spicy, oceanic, to fruity or woody, the options of scents are endless, and the combinations are unlimited.

The Perfume Workshop will give the inner artist in each team member a space to manifest through unique combinations and an endeavor to make their perfume stand out and speak for their personality.

Creating perfume scents is a calm experience where your employees’ creativity will be exposed in the finest ways!

27. Red Dynasty Paintball Park :

Let’s start by agreeing on one fact: no one is ever too old for paintball games! Red Dynasty Paintball Park is undoubtedly your go-to if you are after games that give your employees that adrenaline rush.

Founded in 2007, Red Dynasty Paintball Park adopts an innovative approach when it comes to teambuilding Singapore.

The collective thinking to set clever strategies, and the shared trust between the team members to have each others’ back no matter what will definitely bring them closer and teach them a new lesson in teamwork!

28. Änergy Singapore Teambuilding :

änergy is a pioneer in introducing the team building concept to companies in Singapore.

Delivering team building services in Singapore since 2003, änergy succeded to gain the trust of companies and organizations belonging to a multitude of industries.

During these years, änergy partnered with companies coming from more than 28 different cities in Asia, teaching their employees the values of teamwork and effective collaborations, and leaving an impact that will certainly contribute to taking each organization closer to its goals.

29. Tag Team :

Focused more on activities related to technology, Tag Team would be the ideal team building company for your tech business, or simply if most of your team members are tech enthusiasts.

Tag Team offers their team building services across the country. So, wherever you are in Singapore, they will make sure to let your event go under the best circumstances and places, either at their East Coast Park venue, or some third party venue you would both agree on.

Check their website for a free quote and pick your favorite activity from a list of Laser tag, TagPixel, Tag Drones, and more!

30. The Royal Albatross Tall Ship :

An adventure in the middle of the sea, this is what Tall Ship is all about. Tall Ship is a teambuilding company based in Singapore. They offer a unique service. Their activities are not indoors or overseas but in the sea!

In their luxurious tall ship, your team members will spend a day away and enjoy a refined adventure where they can treat themselves.

The tall ship named Royal Albatross can be the perfect getaway for your employees. You don’t have to worry about sea-sickness, the yacht is so heavy, which makes it stable and calm.

31. Team Building Singapore :

Team Building Singapore combines every aspect you can think of. From indoor events, outdoor activities, Olympic games, and performance team workshops, to team profiling and organized Singapore races, every activity that you would ever wish your team to experience can be found and made a reality thanks to their dedicated team.

With guaranteed honestly and constant improvement, you can rest assured your team building events are in safe hands.

Team Building Singapore’s members will assist you through every step you need to take your business higher, either by organizing staff development sessions or even corporate training.

32. Team Music :

Good music and good company, who would say no to that? Team Music is a team building Singapore company that focuses on organizing music-oriented activities for your employees, be it for a half or even a full day.

With their service that takes this unique shape, Music Team has won numerous awards within the last years. These include Bronze Winner for Human Resources in 2018 and Best Corporate Team Building and Conference Specialists in 2019, while also being recognized as one of the most valuable companies for teambuilding companies in 2019.

Besides, your employees won’t need to have any background knowledge of music to enjoy Team Music’s activities!

33. The Fun Empire :

This one is exactly what its name suggests. The Fun Empire are the experts you should return to if you are looking for awesome activities for your team members.

Organizing activities for all age categories, The Fun Empire offers games with endless fun that will give your team members that adrenaline rush that will set them on fire!

Be it the Laser Tag, Saber Tag, PoolBall, Combat Archery Tag, or much more, we are pretty sure this experience will be hard to forget.

Whether it is a multinational corporation or even university, the Fun Empire surely won’t let you down!

34. The Escape Artist :

How about a team building activity that is not only fun but also reinforces the values needed for a successful collaboration between all your employees? The answer to this one is definitely the Escape Room!

With the Escape Artist, you can set wild expectations in regards to the adventures you’re planning to put your team members in. The Escape Artist’s team building Singapore experts will bring your vision to life by creating exciting challenges for your employees.

Pick a scenario out of the eight ones available and let your team members sink in an unmatched adventure, no matter how large your team is!

35. The Note Way :

As we always say, new activities are always the smartest way to take your employees out of the stressful daily routine and give them the opportunity to create stronger bonds.

This is the concept The Note Way follows when it comes to their services. With 20 activities that await you to discover in 2019, The Note Way makes the best activities at your disposition, with options that suit every budget.

So choose the one that fits and let them create the perfect atmosphere for your team members to bond!

36. Travel Clef :

With the belief that music brings us together despite our different backgrounds, languages, and ages, Travel Clef organizes events in Singapore and overseas to help you strengthen your employees’ relationship by offering a new space where they can bond, unlike the usual daily routine at the workplace.

From piano to drums, songwriting, and lyricising to even composing bands, your team members will merge into a soothing experience of beautiful melodies and new friendships.

Besides, it’s possible that some of your employees always dreamt of playing some music instruments. This might be a golden opportunity for them to live that dream!

37. TV Workshop :

Bonding over filmmaking? Even we are curious about how would this experience go! The TV Workshop is not exclusive to giving you a real-life experience of creating movies, from filming to editing. In fact, their activities go beyond that to actually organizing an Oscar ceremony for the end results. Now your employees will get a Hollywood experience in the heart of their country, thanks to the TV Workshop team building Singapore.

Once the activity is over, they will be happy about the results. Yet, most importantly, proud of their improved communication, collective ability to brainstorm solutions, and increased motivation.

38. Jambar Team Building :

Offering multiple packages for diverse events, Jambar Team Building promises professional experiences with expert facilitation to let your team members emerge in their unique adventures.

With the Jambar Team Building, your events will be set for boundless success. Watch your concerns fade away as the professionally trained team takes charge of the biggest aspects to the smallest details, making sure your event is headed to perfection.

Thanks to the different packages, you will surely find the one that fits your budget. So push your company towards more fun and increased productivity with Jambar Team Building. They know what they are doing.

39. Play Nation :

Present in the teambuilding field in Singapore since 2010, Play Nation’s experiences include collaborations with over 500 companies of different shapes and sizes.

Through their slogan ” Playing for Stronger, Better Teams”, Play Nation admits that it takes both aspects to create a successful event that fulfills the mission of bringing your employees closer.

To get rid of any existing obstacles, they plan activities that include fun and good teamwork skills, all while tailoring them to suit your chosen theme and your team members’ needs.

40. Pulse Activ :

With ‘fun is a must, but the underlying objectives of the activity must be achieved.’ as their core philosophy, the Pulse Activ team believes that although fun moments are enjoyable, they should never be a distraction from attaining the important objectives, whether these ones are related to business, relationships, or any other aspect.

Hence, Pulse Activ team members are always doing their best to ensure fun and accomplishment are combined in every activity or event they organize. Their customized approach enables them to maintain this combination in during every collaboration. This is what makes them among the best team building companies in Singapore.

41. Xcape :

Xcape delivers an unmatched service when it comes to team building Singapore. They succeeded to be among the first to launch  Xcape RPG – World’s First Interactive Role-Playing Murder Mystery Investigation Game.

This sounds like an occasion for your team members to take a whole new personality, unlike the one you and other colleagues are used to every day.

From investigators, rich night club owners, to singers or servants, your employees are guaranteed to experience an admirable role-playing with Xcape!



Considering the length of this list, picking the right teambuilding company might be a bit challenging, especially with the diversity of activities suggested by each one.

For this reason, we advise you to study your employees well before making any decision. Their personalities are among the factors that will help you choose the right option for your business.

At Griness, we believe that team building events play a crucial role in increasing your employees’ performance and making them comfortable in their workplace. Therefore, our activities are organized with this goal in mind.

Contact us to learn everything about our events!


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