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Team Symphony team building Singapore activity

Team Symphony

Building synergy and explosive energy through music

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Want your team to believe the impossible’s possible? Then our Team Symphony musical challenge is for you.

Designed specifically for non-musicians, Team Symphony uses music to empower and motivate your team. 

After learning to decipher a musical score and play our specially tuned percussion pipes (it’s not nearly as hard as it seems), you’ll be put to the test by Beethoven’s famous 9th Symphony. Working as an orchestra, you’ll produce sounds that’ll make the angels weep. Think it can’t be done? We’re ready to prove you wrong.

Key Information:

  • The activity is conducted Indoors
  • 25 -1000 Participants
  • Min Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Max Duration : 3 Hours(half-day)

Who Is Team Symphony Popular With?

Besides the President of Singapore taking part in the Team Symphony team building event, we’ve found that this particular activity is really popular with:

  • Teams looking for a new way to experience teamwork and culture building
  • People and teammates who are looking to build relationships through fun shared experiences
  • Teams looking to build a positive team working environment

Learning Outcomes

By experiencing the Team Symphony team building event, your team could have a chance to develop the following skills and character :

  • Teamwork Culture
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Bonding through Shared Fun Experiences
  • Performance Excellence
  • Understanding Each Other & Team Dynamics
  • Positive Team Climate

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