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Performance review. Yep, the good part about reviewing a staffs performance correctly is that it works when it’s done correctly. That’s when your staff leaves the review feeling that you care and does not feel wrong, stupid or inadequate.

When done incorrectly or badly, it’s usually a HR nightmare. The fact is that if you gave your staff the option between doing a good job and doing a bad job, most every single one of them will choose the former. No one would purposely want to do a bad job.

“But then how come some are better at the job than others,” you may ask? If your staff is not performing, examine the system first. Is the system supporting good performance and productivity? Are your staff personally overcompensating for the lack of a system with additional (repetitive, mundane, resource sucking) work, hence lowering productivity and quality? Do you have a proper working, constantly reviewed, system in the first place? Could it be the system issues (or lack of) that are showing up as performance issues?

When a staff sincerely feels that he or she has given his or her best, and is judged and given a poor performance review, and made to feel inadequate, how motivated can he or she be? How motivated will you be in their shoes?

Start the domino effect.
Take responsibility. Question and examine the system first and leave the staff alone.

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