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The X Files

Collaborative 360 degree virtual escape room

Chosen by:

“I wouldn’t have contacted you if there were other options. But we, the seekers of the truth must band together today, because Sebastian is gone…”

Teams are on the mission to solve the mystery. First, they attempt to do it on their own, but soon realize that it is close to impossible given time constrains. Only by breaking silos mentality and sharing information they have a chance of succeeding. Is your team ready to uncover the truth?


  • Truly interactive technology with virtual reality, themed graphics, audio and video clues
  • Lots of interaction within and between teams

Key Information:

  • The activity is conducted online
  • 5 – 100 Participants
  • Minimum Duration is 1 Hours
  • Maximum Duration is 2,5 Hours

Learning Outcomes

  • Effective Communication Productivity & Time Management
  • Performance Excellence
  • Understanding Each Other & Team Dynamics
  • Bonding through Shared Fun Experiences

Ready to solve the mystery behind The X Files?

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