‘There’ can mean different things to different people.

In Singapore to hop onto a bus to get ‘there’ often means a short 50 or 100 meter walk to the intended destination – the ‘there’.

When I was hiking in Nepal early this year.. ‘There’ meant the drop off point at the foot of the hill. Then it was another half-day trek… at least we were told it was a half day. We were not told that it was at ‘Sherpa speed’.

A friend was in India and asked for directions to the nearest post office. “It’s just there around the corner,” a helpful strange told him.

Just there. His just there around the corner turned out to be a thirty-five minute walk. Perhaps it could have been “Just around the corner” had he taken the auto.

Start the domino effect.
Introduce “No Mind Reading” rule at your next team meeting. Don’t assume you are understood and understand others. Clarify your understanding and be specific when communicating, so your team will get a chance to get “there”.

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