The Thrill of the Chase

The quest to break silos in your organisation Chosen by: Previous Next Activity is inspired by the real life story of Forrest Fenn, who hid the treasure chest worth $2mln in the Rocky mountains and left clues about its location in his book “The Thrill of the Chase”. With clues, tasks and treasure maps, teams […]


Sleuth Online Team Building Activity

Murder mystery game for large group Chosen by: Previous Next Teams are house guests at Tudor Grange, the scene of a gruesome murder! One team is the murderer, one team is the accomplice and the rest are amateur detectives, but everyone is a suspect.  Can you find the murderer? Some initial information is given, but evidence […]


SpaceX team building Singapore activity

Communication challenge inspired by NASA case Chosen by: Previous Next Based on a real-life NASA communication breakdown, this group challenge will test your team’s communication skills like never before. Taking on the role of a successful multinational global organisation, your team’s been tasked with producing new generation spacecraft that will revolutionize the industry. But there’s a catch. Your […]